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Jun 6, 2008 08:55 AM

Delray Beach - Need Good Choices......

I'll be in Delray Beach in 2 weeks and would appreciate some good, high-end options. I am familiar with some of the spots along Atlantic Ave (32 East, Tramonti) and Sundy House and Luna Rosa. I would like to know if there are some other local places that would be good choices for gourmet dinners out.

Please advise.........


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  1. JB3 - If you'd consider going to Boca I highly recommend Saporissimo on Palmetto east of Federal. It's my favorite place close to home when money is no object. Exceptional Tuscan-style food with a great selection of game dishes. The owners work the restaurant. Giancarlo will explain the menu and specials as only he can and Ana Maria is the Chef. Both are great people and make dining here a real pleasure. Here's a link to their menu:

    366 E Palmetto Park Rd, Boca Raton, FL 33432

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      I recently ate in Henry's and it was absolutely fantastic--a first for that area for me. I highly recommend it.

    2. do a search on Delray and Boca in Chowhound, you will find plenty of recent discussion with the same restos being recommended.

      1. If you consider a high end steak house gourmet, relatively new to Delray is Cut 432 on E. Atlantic.