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Jun 6, 2008 08:54 AM

Dizzy Issie's closing?

I haven't been by myself, but the rumor is that Dizzy Issie's is closing. Anyone have any information on what's going on with that?

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  1. Not sure - We tried to go yesterday and they aren't currently open - have posted signs on the doors saying "We will be reopening", "thanks for your concern", "we'll keep you posted," etc... . I hope its not closing, but maybe someone else has better insight as to the situation?

    1. I heard that they either didn't renew a license or pay taxes, hopefully they are straightening that out and soon, they have been closed for a while.

      1. They've been closed for a while now. I hope they get their issues straightened out -- that's the best bar in Baltimore, IMO. I miss it terribly. It was a regular hangout.

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        1. re: JonParker

          I would die if they closed, it is my 2nd favorite bar in town!

        2. Dizzy Issie's has plans to reopen in about a month under the name The Diz. They are doing some major renovation of the bussiness and space, rumors of roof top decks are floating around.

          I too am terribly lost- but Elaine say's they'll be back soon

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            "The Diz", I hate it already...

          2. Dizzy Issie's has plans to be back in operation 8/4- sounds like the rooftop deck will be a reality. Expect to see a new paint job and more space downstairs-the kitchen is moving to the 2nd floor. I know I can't wait! (fingers crossed that the prices won't see too much of a change) It will be "The Diz"- a nod to the longtime patrons who've been calling it the Diz among friends for many years.

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              Can anyone confirm whether or not Dissy Issie's has reopened?

              1. re: brats_n_curds

                It has not, they are now shooting for August 4th.