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Dizzy Issie's closing?

I haven't been by myself, but the rumor is that Dizzy Issie's is closing. Anyone have any information on what's going on with that?

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  1. Not sure - We tried to go yesterday and they aren't currently open - have posted signs on the doors saying "We will be reopening", "thanks for your concern", "we'll keep you posted," etc... . I hope its not closing, but maybe someone else has better insight as to the situation?

    1. I heard that they either didn't renew a license or pay taxes, hopefully they are straightening that out and soon, they have been closed for a while.

      1. They've been closed for a while now. I hope they get their issues straightened out -- that's the best bar in Baltimore, IMO. I miss it terribly. It was a regular hangout.

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          I would die if they closed, it is my 2nd favorite bar in town!

        2. Dizzy Issie's has plans to reopen in about a month under the name The Diz. They are doing some major renovation of the bussiness and space, rumors of roof top decks are floating around.

          I too am terribly lost- but Elaine say's they'll be back soon

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            "The Diz", I hate it already...

          2. Dizzy Issie's has plans to be back in operation 8/4- sounds like the rooftop deck will be a reality. Expect to see a new paint job and more space downstairs-the kitchen is moving to the 2nd floor. I know I can't wait! (fingers crossed that the prices won't see too much of a change) It will be "The Diz"- a nod to the longtime patrons who've been calling it the Diz among friends for many years.

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              Can anyone confirm whether or not Dissy Issie's has reopened?

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                It has not, they are now shooting for August 4th.

            2. This was in the Sun on Wednesday
              THE DIZZ TO REOPEN
              Fans of Dizzy Issie's in Remington have been worried about their favorite bar, whose future seemed somewhat uncertain, given that it's been closed for much of the summer. Dizzy Issie's has been sold, I learned from the liquor board. The new owners are Darlene Basta and Angela Kelly.

              The bar is scheduled to reopen Aug. 4.

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                Anglea is Angie- Elanie's daughter and waitress at the bar

              2. Found this online at http://tinyurl.com/63odjt

                I am the new owner of "The Dizz".
                My name is Darlene and I am Elaine's sister-in-law. We decided to keep the business in the family. Elaine will still be there as General Manger.
                Let me reassure you that everything is remaining the same.
                From the prices,the menu,the character of the bar and resturant,and the Great food and cheap beer will be the same. We just gave the place a touch of newness.
                We installed all new Glass front windows,new paint,new furniture,new kitchen equipment,refrigiration,new 2-zoned AC and Heat system,new roof,new mini bars seating,ect.
                Come and see for yourself on September 2,2008.

                1. They are open, I heard it looks great and the prices are still the same - yay!!

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                    hon, MakeMeDinner and I went last night after the chow outing. We were already stuffed, but managed to split an order of wings. They're still among the best in Baltimore. Drank a couple pitchers of Dogfish Head.

                    The remodeling shows, but they sadly took down the signature Christmas lights in the first floor dining room. The place was definitely hopping. It's still the best bar in Baltimore, IMO.

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                      Thank God they are back and the wings are still the best in town!

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                        I love that they have added a vegetarian section to menu and that the blackened tuna sandwich is now a staple item. I am so happy that they are back! and I bet those christmas lights will return soon enough