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Jun 6, 2008 08:32 AM

Best Butchers/Fish Mongers in SE Michigan

I am looking for a better Butcher and Fish Monger. My taste are more expensive than my local butchers fair. I am interested in other places for good cuts of meat and fish. Please help...looking for a good brisket for the weekend.

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  1. Papa Joe's!!!
    There's one in Birmingham and one in Rochester.

    1. In Ann Arbor: Monoghan's for seafood, Sparrow Mkt. and Knight's Market for cuts of meat. Monoghan's and Sparrow are in Kerrytown, Knight's is on the corner of Miller and Spring (I believe). These shops are truly wonderful.

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        Ditto Summerfield! Monaghans and Sparrow are the bomb! I like Knights, too, but it is difficult for people to find and the hours aren't convenient. There is no sign out front - look for the building with chess pieces on it. They aren't open on Sundays, or very late on weekdays either.

        1. re: Summerfield

          I just moved here from NYC/LI, and have been looking for a fish monger. I was shocked at the prices being charged at Monoghan's. They are charging almost double what I paid at top Long Island fish markets, and are pretty close to what the high end specialty markets in NYC are charging. Don't get me wrong - the fish and selection was very nice - it was just a shock when I saw the prices.

          I look forward to exploring the food and restaurant options here in Detroit and sharing my experiences on chowhound.


          1. re: jmax

            Can't wait to hear what you have to say--let the reviews roll !!
            Welcome to Metro D.

            1. re: VTB

              jmax, are you in A2 or closer to the D?

              1. re: coney with everything

                We are renting a home in Livonia. My Mother in Law lives in Saline - just outside A2.

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                  I think you need to be look more at Superior Fish in Royal Oak then.


                  Just remember you now have to pay shipping and handling over land for that fish you loved on the east coast. :)

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                    My DH used to work at Plymouth Fish, it's not the same ownership as when he was there but at the time the fish was very fresh and a decent selection. Worth a look in any case.

                    Their website is mostly focused on prepared food but I think they still sell fresh.


                    And if you haven't had lake perch--go local!--try it. It's fantastic.

          2. If you are looking for a brisket I would suggest Sam's Club on M-59 near Van Dyke. I was in there yesterday and grabbed a couple of Black Angus briskets in cryo for around $2 a pound.
            Seafood counters are a hit or miss in the Detroit area and all of the stores I list will have both seafood counters and a meat counter except Superior Fish in Royal Oak which is strictly fish.
            Papa Joes. I live very close to the Rochester store but greatly prefer the Birmingham Store.
            Vince & Joes at 25 mile & old VanDyke.
            Nino Salvaggios on M-59 by the new outdoor mall.
            Whole Foods in Rochester.

            Ottos chicken at the Royal Oak farmers market is wonderfull and they have great prices. A local Mi product that is anti-biotic free.





            1. Holiday Market in RO is my favorite meat/seafood counter. Great service too. Seafood is limited, although I haven't checked out the fully remodeled store yet so it might have been expanded. But they do so much business that the stock turns over rapidly.

              You might also check out one of the kosher butchers for brisket (not on Saturday, of course).

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              1. re: coney with everything

                Holiday is in Canton, too, if you're out west. Second on Knight's.

                1. re: Jim M

                  I think there's a Holiday market on the corner of Rochester road and Tienken as well as one on Auburn East of Dequindre.

                  1. re: Docsknotinn

                    You may be thinking of Hollywood markets - they're on both these corners

                  2. re: Jim M

                    Holiday Market in Royal Oak is a different entitiy than the one in Canton
                    Royal Oak:

                2. Hollywood on 15 and the one on Cambell both have great meat counters. Papa Joes for fish but be prepared to spend!!! Anyone familiar with peoples fish?