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Jun 6, 2008 08:27 AM

good pizza place near Times Square?

Hello all, my father and I are staying in a hotel right in the heart of times square. Although I urged him to travel to Di Fara's, he does not think we will have enough time to reach our flight. What are some good places near times square? We were thinking about Patsy's in East Harlem (he says we have enough time for that). Any suggestions?

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  1. John's Pizza in Times Square is probably the best for the area. I wasn't wowed when we were there, but it's good. Di Fara is not worth the trip, IMHO (I know I just started WWIII by saying that though). Artichoke has been getting a lot of buzz lately and though it's not in TSQ, it's much closer than either Patsys or Di Fara.

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      Lazzara's is great and it is on 38th between 7th and 8th. I don't agree with biondanonima-DiFara's is Amazing!! There is nothing like it!

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        If you're pressed for time, don't go to Artichoke, though! And if you should have a backup plan, in case they're closed. Again.

      2. try mezzaluna 75th and 3rd av
        or otto pizzeria 5th av@8th street