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Jun 6, 2008 08:22 AM

Arthur Ave suggestions

Don't know the area at all

Looking to bring a family there after the yankees game

thanks for any suggestions

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  1. Pasquale's Rigoletto and Mario's are two very reliable options for full-service Italian. They are both in the heart of the neighborhood and will give a good taste of the area (you may actually see some locals in these places, as well). I would take a stroll through the Arthur Ave Retail Market for a foodie retail tour and finish with a cannoli from Madonia Brothers bakery.
    FYI: It's all right in the same little area, so you won't miss any of these places!
    Also, if you're taking a cab, I would recommend the intersection of E 187th Street / Arthur Ave as the place to start your walk up to the restaurants (1 block).

    Good Luck,


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      I really like Roberto's and Zero Otto Nove. Also check out these threads for more suggestions:

      1. re: dmleo

        Roberto's doesn't take reservations and will be packed after a Yankee game. Don't know about ZON though. Pasquale's Rigoletto is much bigger and has good red sauce Italian-American food, but it is not in Roberto's league.

        1. re: dmleo

          Definately check out Trattoria Tra Di Noi on 187th ST across from Mt. Carmel church. Rigoletto's and Mario's are much more "red sauce". Tra Di Noi is small and family owned. Chef is from Italy and the food is outstanding!! Last time we were there, the butcher from Biancardi's was there and the guy from Teitlel brothers! If they are there you know its good!
          Definatley check out the blackboard specials. We had rabbit while i was there and a great seafood salad!

          1. re: dmleo

            robertos is top choice, if its jammed, go to zero otto nove, also owned/operated by roberto