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Crepes in Soho

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  • JennS Jun 6, 2008 08:02 AM
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I used to go to Palacinka fairly often for crepes for lunch. Since they closed, I've been looking for a replacement. Does anyone know of a great place for sweet and savory crepes in or around Soho? Takeout would be fine too. Thanks.

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  1. i actually had a very decent crepe at kitchen commune, on broadway (around broome street). it wasn't spectacular, but it definitely satisfied my craving at the time.

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      Second Kitchen Commune


    2. The Creperie on MacDougal north of Bleecker just opened with the original on Ludlow. Bobby Flay even did a show with them. Great variety-sweet and savory. My local creperie Crepe Creations on Waverly appears to also be out of business.

      1. There's a branch of le gamin on Houston and Sullivan that has decent crepes, but very slow service