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Jun 6, 2008 08:00 AM

Del Posto Last Night- A bit of a disappointment

So last night I took my family out for my mother's 50th birthday. The place is absolutely beautiful, great atmosphere, unbelievable service. There is no doubt about it. It definitely is a great place visually to celebrate a special occasion. We sat on the second floor balcony overlooking the main floor dining room and it was beautiful.

However, I left kind of feeling jipped. The place is seriously overpiced for the amount of food you get. Our waiter was a very nice old man, but he made all of the dishes sound so delicious and elaborate. The way he was talking we were expecting the best meal of our lives. Obviously, this is his job but you feel a bit I dont know- deceived?

Well onto the food. The bread basket was great-lardo was incredible. My mother wanted a cosmo but they said "We don't carry things like that". Whatever that means. Instead she got something else but I didn't care for that answer. To start we shared 2 pastas- the gnudi and spaghetti with crab. Both were great, especially the gnudi. The spaghetti had a real kick to it and left my lips tingling for a good 10 mins afterwards. Overall very very good. Just enough to wet our palates and get a nice taste for an appetizer.

Then the mains. My mother got the pork loin and sister got the seared halibut. When asking our waiter how each were prepared he went into this whole 5 minute schpiel on how they were prepared and all of the "sides" that were included. Made it sound like a nice amount of food. Well, the food comes and my mom gets a 4 ounce piece of pork loin (tasty but paltry portion) and like 4 pieces of sauerkratu and a few vegetables. My sisters halibut was like 3 ounces and she had no joke 2 pea pods and some other little vegetable ball the size of a thumbnail.

My father and I split the beef tenderloin for 2 ($135). It was sliced into two portions for us to split. This was actually a decent size piece of meat but still not large enough for a steak eater like me. I'd say the piece was about 12-14 ounces. I go to steakhouses around the city and spend almost half that for twice as much meat. It came with 4 little potato crisps and some lettuce garnish. Once again pretty paltry. Although the meat was cooked to a nice red rare to medium rare for the price I felt seriously jipped.

Dessert- Another sort of let down. They were pretty good but once again like everything else-SMALL. We got the stone crostata for two, chocolate ricotta tortino, and 4 tastes of gelati. The gelati were the best however when split between the four of us its like a teaspoon each. Then they pass around those petit fours which were good.

Bill came to $450. My mother said she really enjoyed the meal and it was an unforgettable experience. At the end of the meal we all felt pretty full. But still for these prices I really think Del Posto needs to make their portions a little more substantial. Would it be so hard to throw some more vegetables and sides on the plate?

Is it a place to experience? I'd say yes. The atmospheres incredible and the food is very good. However, its just a jewelry store and the value just isn't there. Babbo blows this place out of the water. I have no idea how it got 2 Michelin stars while Babbo got one.

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  1. >>The place is seriously overpiced for the amount of food you get
    >> But still for these prices I really think Del Posto needs to make their portions a little more substantial

    Hi steakrules,

    I know I must sound like an axx for saying this, but this was exactly what I think you would end up feeling at Del Posto as mentioned in my previous posts.

    At least your mom enjoyed the meal, and that's important.

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    1. re: kobetobiko

      Yeah I know and thanks for your advice. It was a very good meal and great experience though. My mom had a great time.

      For my dad's we will be going to Craft where I know the portions are quite large.

    2. "We don't carry things like that"? Yuck. Did you follow it up with, "really, you don't carry vodka, cointreau, lime juice and cranberry juice?" :)

      I love Babbo, Lupa, Otto, Esca but the more I hear about Del Posto, the more I never want to go. Ick.

      1. As always, eat at the Enoteca, fewer options but a great value.
        I like the place but will not dine in the Main Room for your stated reasons.
        Glad your mother enjoyed it though, at the least.
        I am a big eater, well, not as huge as I used to be but not a grazer like so many.
        $135 bux for a piece of beef? Might as well go to Tokyo.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. You left full but you're complaining about portion sizes? Almost all fine dining establishments will have small portion/plate sizes. If you're going for value, don't bother ever going to any 4 star restaurant like Per Se or Jean-George or Le Bernadin.

            Del Posto is Batali/Bastianich's attempt at creating a fine dining restaurant with an Italian take. The menu approach is going straight for the highest quality. He believes he can make Del Posto the first 4 star Italian restaurant in NYC. Babbo is his take on rustic country Italian.

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            1. re: attractivekid

              Yeah I was full because I just kept popping bread in my mouth and overordered for dessert. Dont get me wrong were not huge eaters and I don't want to be sick to my stomach when I go out to eat. But I will honestly say I wasn't fully satisfied for the price I paid.

              1. re: steakrules85

                oh, and about your mom's desire to order a Cosmo

                "The last thing I want is the lemmings in their Chanel miniskirts waiting three deep at the bar to have a cosmopolitan."

                Mario Batali on Del Posto

                1. re: attractivekid

                  Well my mom isn't a "lemming in a Chanel miniskirt". Batali should be the last to pass judgement on people. The guy wears shorts and clogs all year round for Christ sakes.

                2. re: steakrules85

                  As I've said in a previous post about our dining experience at Del Posto in the main dining room, four of us had the grain tasting menu. Yes it was tasty, but the portions were paltry. Now I'm not one that likes HUGE portions either. But for four of us, we dropped over $1,300 including the paired wines and tip, I left there still hungry. We ended up at some pub after for drinks and I had to order a plate of chicken fingers to satisfy my hunger. I'll stick to Babbo.