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Jun 6, 2008 07:59 AM

Dinner tonight before Broadway show...

Going to an 8pm show on 42nd st and 7th and need a good place for before. Tend to eat more on the "great hole in the wall" side of restaurants than "touristy and overpriced". Yeah, I know, hard for this area, but maybe there are some good places on 9th or 10th ave?

Indian, Thai, Italian, Mexican, etc. all good, as long as there are some veggie options for the missus.


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  1. Queen of Sheba is a nice Ethiopean restaurant on 10th between 45th and 46th. It's got plenty of delicious veggie options, fair prices and a nice atmosphere.

    1. I always go to restaurants on 9th Ave. You have all types of cuisine there. I like Chelsea Grill of Hell's Kitchen, Delta Grill among others(though I'm not sure of the veggie situation there). I'm not that familiar with 10th Ave. Young Frankenstein is on 42 St and 7 Ave. Is that what you're seeing?

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        We are leaning towards Home on 8th, which is south of 42nd but still nearby, for vegetarian chinese.
        We are seeing Dangerous Liasons tonight. Should be fun!