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Jun 6, 2008 07:49 AM

Orient Chinese Bethpage menu picks

I'm a big fan of the fried chicken and fried lobster (in shell) at the Orient in Bethpage. What other menu picks are worthwhile?

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  1. check the specials.the first time we went they had jumbo broiled oysters in black bean sauce.really good.

    1. We went last nite with ten people. It's the only Chinese place we will go to in Nassau county. As close to Flushing as you're going to get on the Island. We Had:

      Jumbo shrimp ( w/o the shell) with chili and spiced salt (2 orders)

      Pork chops with chili and spiced salt (excellent)

      Chinese eggplant with brown sauce (liked by all)

      Sliced chicken wit ling beans and asparagus (good) but basic; ordered for our food conservative

      Shrimp and lobster sauce (again, ordered for our member in a time warp)

      Roast pork chow fun , dry (very good)

      Casserole of chicken with black mushrooms and Chinese sausage ( should have been on the bone but the waiter, on his own, after the shrimp and lobster sauce order, decided to make it boneless)

      Beef with broccoli Basic but good

      All in all, a good meal

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        Toby, Thank you for your review of The Orient. One comment; after many years of withdrawal, I have recently had a yearning for the American creation shrimps with lobster sauce and have enjoyed it at two distinctly real Chinese restaurants- Wo Hop and Imperial Manor. Time warp or not, it is a good, solid dish that has withstood the vagaries of the years and the lobster sauce made with eggs, minced pork and veggies has a wonderful taste that transcends time. Hope the Orient's version was up to snuff. Let me know.

        1. re: budcar

          Sometimes when I am eating by myself I get shrimp with lobster sauce as a combination plate so I have it with fried rice. I consider it a comfort food.

      2. Re: shrimp and lobster sauce

        While I agree that comfort food has its place and value in this hectic world, I guess this dish, for me, just does not hold its own. In my mind it harks back to an era of Chinese-American dishes that have no place in modern Chinese cooking. It all to often comes in a glatineous (?) thick viscous clear sauce that quickly congeals into an unappealing mess. In addition, the shrimp rarely have much taste. As a matter of fact when I ordered it last nite, the waiter snickered!

        Robinsilver, no offense meant but for me that dish just doesn't make it into the realm of comfort food. To each their own.

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        1. re: toby1355

          Very true for many LI renditions, but not so with the two versions I described in my earlier post, Does your comment apply to the Orient's version. If it does , I'll stick to the places I mentioned.

        2. We like to start with their corn flower soup. All of the choices listed by Toby are also very good.