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Jun 6, 2008 07:35 AM

Please help me, CC dinner.

I posted about awhile ago looking for a restaurant that can serve a party of 18. Our first choice, Cuba Libre, doesn't take Saturday reservations. Second choice, Patou hasn't returned my calls/emails. Can anyone in Philly chowland help me, please? We are having an event at 6 & chestnut after dinner, so we need a restaurant within walking distance. Everyone looks to me for all things food related but I rarely get to center city so I don't know firsthand what options are the best in the area. Any suggestions/reviews are greatly appreciated.

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  1. some places around 6th and chestnut include jones and oceanaire, both of which are decent sized places, although not cheap.
    i'm not recommeding them, as i've only eaten at jones (1x, 4 years ago) and never eaten at oceanaire. just saying that they're worth looking into.

    1. Oceanaire should be able to accomodate you, possibly a Starr restaurant nearby (Morimoto, Big Budda), but a lower-priced option how about Tampopo? I think we just need more guidance on your price and other considerations.

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        More guidance: We usually spend between $35 and $50 per person. Nothing that can be considered ethnic because the boss is a scaredy-cat. Not a BYO. The desserts will sell me on the menu. Restaurant must have a website with prices on the menu. Within walking distance and reasonable to expect that we will be able to eat 3 courses in an hour and a half. A couple group favorites are City Tavern and Victor's cafe. I hope this helps give you an idea of what I'm looking for.

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          The event is Lights of Liberty, I'm guessing?

          With those parameters, well, the speed is a real problem. Maybe Continental at 2nd and Market? Jones, at 7th and Chestnut?

          I have never heard locals say nice things about City Tavern.

      2. Here are some of my previous reccomendations from your last post:

        Restaurants that can take a party of that size are Amada, Cebu, City Tavern, Farmicia, Fork, Moshulu, Tangerine, Buddakan, La Famiglia, Panorama, Positano Coast, Bookbinder's and the Plough and the Stars.

        Of those I would only reccomend Amada and Tangerine.

          1. Enjoyed a smashing dinner at the Caribou Cafe in April with a group of nineteen alumni from college. They have an upstairs area that might be a good spot for your group. But then 11th & Walnut might not be as close as you'd like.

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              Thanks for the recommendations. I decided on Tangerine. Having never been there, I hope its good. The menu seems to have potential, family-style will be interesting with this group.

              City Tavern- I wasn't impressed but everyone else loves it. Victor's cafe blew me away.