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Jun 6, 2008 07:34 AM

Great little restaurant between Mystic, Ct and Westerly, RI

While driving from Mystic, CT to Westerly, RI we stopped at a great little restaurant, Cousins' Doghouse and Grille on Route 1 in Pawcatuck, CT. They offer some really unique specialty hot dogs, hamburgers, and chicken sandwiches along with hand cut french fries. It is a really great place and the owners who cook and serve are the friendliest people. It was a vey pleasent experience and a fantastic find. We will be going back.

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  1. Thank's alot for this, I live in the area and I am a hot dog fanatic. I did some research, apparently they just opened this week.

    1. OK, so I finally got there this week to check it out - and I have to say that that was one delicious hot dog that I was served.

      A perfectly cooked, snappy, garlicky Sabrett's dog with Sabrett's mustard and red onion relish (the New Yorker) with hand-cut fries (and when they say hand-cut, they mean it literally: the cutter was broken so they were cutting 100 pounds of spuds each day with a knife - yikes!).

      My friend even went back that evening with family to try the Texas Burger and raved about it. And everything was very reasonably priced, too: hot dog, fries and a drink for just about $7.00? You can't beat it.

      As mentioned above, the owners are about the nicest folks you could ever meet. One drawback: parking can be tough if larger cars are blocking the back lot... there are only two spaces in the front.

      1. How's this place for a family of 5 with three young kids, coming through the area this Friday night for dinner? Tell me if it is not perfect, and if we go, I'll report back. Thanks for the tip!

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          I stopped in there for lunch today. I broke one of my cardinal rules, which is to avoid the lunch hour like the plague, and I hit the place about 1:00. Every table was occupied, but I ordered, knowing I could zip home with my burger and fries and have a cold beer. As luck would have it, a table was cleared just as my order came out, so I ate there.

          The Baja Burger (Monterrey Jack, salsa, and jalapenos) was more done than I like (rare), but that's the way they usually come these days, and I failed to request otherwise. Not a bad burger, even a little juicy, but next time I'll try to remember to ask for it just beyond mooing. The fries are hand cut, not at all like the usual fare, and they were tasty.

          While I was standing there waiting for my order, I had a chance to count seats. I came up with a total of 24, though I don't claim to be the most accurate person in the world when it comes to counting.

          Would I go there on a Friday night with three young kids? Not on a bet! Seriously, I would guess, judging by the lunch crowd, that you would have a hard time squeezing in on a Friday night. It's not the sort of place you shouldn't go with kids (after all, it is a hot dog and burger place), but I would be inclined to try it (with or without kids) at a quieter time.

          1. re: karlssoni

            hey, thanks. maybe we'll try our luck and have a backup. the Friendly's in Mystic is our default, was hoping to get off that beaten path but for sure it'll be there!

            this is a route we travel a lot - we live in Providence, my parents, grandparents of said 3 young kids, live in the Danbury, CT area, so we're always on the lookout for good stop-offs

            I appreciate the description!

        2. So we went on Friday night, we with the three little kids, and it was great! All kids enjoyed their food, which was a bit slow to come out by parents of little kids standards but not slow by good made to order food standards. Okay, maybe a little tiny bit slow. But worth the wait! The fries with chili and onions were, well, my husband and I were engaged in a battle of dueling fingers and forks. They were great. Hot dogs, solid. I am not a hot dog aficionado regularly but I do like them from time to time and this was the right time. My 8 year old loved the wacky dogs - the Hawaiian with pineapple and the Asian (?) with teriyai sauce and peanut butter. They gave the kids beach balls to play with and there's a nice little outdoor area to do so. And at 7pm on on Friday night, the place had business but was not at all crowded.

          So - for those on the road in that part of CT or RI, or for locals, we say ten thumbs up for Cousins!

          1. Nice people, but nothing special, and some sort of air freshener that was pretty unappetizing. The fries are handcut but limp, the condiments on the hot dogs too cold. Okay if you're nearby but not really worth a trip if you're any further.