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Jun 6, 2008 07:00 AM

Best shop for fresh chorizo / morcilla?

I'm planning on doing some tailgating this Sunday at the Argentina v US soccer match out at Giants Stadium and wanted to pick up some fresh chorizo for making choripan, as well as some morcilla because, well, it's awesome.

I love Despana's stuff, but it's pre cooked and probably doesn't lend itself well to the grill. Can anyone recommend any places in Brooklyn or Queens that sells this stuff?

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  1. Did some googling and found this place - Don Francisco’s Meat Market - is this the best, or can better be found elsewhere?

    Don Francisco Meat Market
    85-17 37th Ave, Queens, NY 11372

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      I have gotten chorizo from Don Francisco, and it is quite good and is the Argentinean kind. I haven't bought morcilla there, but they probably have it. It's the best butcher around here and also has other Argentine products. I know my friend gets all kinds of alfajores and crackers there.

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        Get thee to Corona! El Gauchito has the goods you want. Good on the grill morcilla and chorizos.

    2. So, given the time restraints, we ended up at Don Francisco. The chorizo is very good - it's a very loose grain sausage with a lot of flavor. We didn't get around to trying the morcilla, which is sadly now in my freezer. The chimmichurri they make in house is good, although it's a bit sweet. But its a great looking butcher shop - I would have liked to have picked up some entrana or something.

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        IRIC, Don Francisco's morcilla is also pre-cooked. I prefer El Chivito's, but DF's is very good as well...