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Jun 6, 2008 06:48 AM

Where to find *veal* marrow bones?

I'm having a Fergus Henderson moment and would like to track down some veal marrow bones. I know where to get beef marrow bones, but can't seem to track down their younger iterations. Any suggestions? TY

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  1. I guees the meat packing district!
    I know there are a bunch of nite clubs in area but do they actually pack meat during day time? if they do I am sure you can scrap up some!

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    1. re: mzshan

      I don't know if there are still any retail outlets in the area. I certainly think that I've seen them at Citarella, and I'm pretty sure any good butcher could get them for you. Have you tried calling any? What part of the city are you in?

      1. re: MMRuth

        I'm on the UWS. Citarella has beef bones, but not veal. I may just get beef and not worry about it. After all, aside from size how different can they be? Certainly marrow can't get more tender... maybe more subtle - less gamy? And if so, is a little gaminess such a bad thing?

    2. Try Ottomanilli's in West VIllage. I often see them having different parts of veal (like kidney and sweetbreads) so I won't be surprised if they have veal marrow bones.

      Call first to confirm

      1. I know you are looking for veal but, Bison Marrow is my favorite.. They sell it at ottomanelli and at the green market.