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Jun 6, 2008 06:30 AM

Potstickers in Chicago!

I just got back from a year and a half in Australia, and I now have an unhealthy addiction to potstickers, thanks to the large Asian influence on Australian cuisine. I used to get them from a place called The Dumpling King, where for $7.80 or something ridiculously cheap like that, you get 15 good-sized dumplings filled with pork and lightly pan-fried to create this chewy-crunchy texture I loved so much. It was served with Chinese black vinegar on the side, which I would mix with soy sauce and this little pot of chili and caramelized onion they had the table, which my Singaporean friend called Sambal Nasi Lemak. The chili-onion jam was what made the dish, it was so intensely flavored and delicious!

Does anyone know where I could get dumplings like that in Chicago? I was thinking of hitting up Chinatown tonight in search of similar dumplings (I would love a place that has a similar Sambal Nasi Lemak, but I understand if I can't find a place that makes it). After some research on Chowhound, it seems like Phoenix and Moon Palace are two popular places for dumplings, as is Ed's Potsticker House (is this place still open?). Any other suggestions? I just want a nice, big plate of dumplings that are chewy and crispy and are possibly served with chili of some sort. I can handle it if the dumplings are merely appetizers, but since I like dumplings to be my main, it would also rock to find a place that does big plates of dumpling. Please help me, Chicago! I am so hungry!

Thank you!

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  1. Most Chines take-out places and restaurants have them as appetizers.
    To check if there are any restaurants in your area that have them go to It's actually a site that tells you which restaurants in your area deliver but they have a menu of each place available and also offer customer reviews. So you might have a few orders of this tasty treat at your home in half an hour without ever leaving the house.

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      1. My favorite potstickers are from the foodcourt at the Diho market shopping center at 83 and Ogden in Westmont. You might not get all of the condiments you mentioned, but boy are the potstickers chewy and tasty.
        Ambiance is lacking also. If that is important to you stick to something in Chinatown.