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Dec 28, 2002 01:23 AM

Bagels in Long Beach?

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I'm new to Bixby Hills.
The Bagelry's stink-no pumpernickel.
Katella Deli bagels are too fluffy-and too big.

Where's the good stuff?


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  1. There is no good stuff here. The best in the area seems to be East Coast Bagel in the Ralph's shopping center where PCH, 7th, and Bellflower intersect (just south of the VA hospital and CSULB). If you drive into Huntington Beach, there's JT's Bagels in the Von's center at Springdale and Edinger. I like JT's a lot. I think they're better than East Coast - JT's makes a NY style bagel - the owner is from NY and actually knows what he's doing.

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    1. re: LBQT

      I agree about East Coast Bagel. It was better a couple years ago...

      Try Bronx Bagels in Naples at 5620 2nd St. It's my local favorite.

      1. re: JP

        Been there, done that. JT's is better than Bronx.

        1. re: JP

          The Chino East Coast Bagel morphed in to a West Coast Bagel (think it changed ownership and gave up the franchise afilliation). These are too big and doughy to be real bagels, but in a pinch, and in The Dining Wilderness, sometimes we just take what we can get.