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Jun 6, 2008 05:20 AM

48th st. and First or Second Ave area

Looking for good bar/lunch place in the area. Thanks

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  1. Sip Sak, a Turkish spot at about 50th and Second Avenue is a very good lunch option. Great mezze and very good Turkish food. Huge and well prepared Greek salad, excellent hummus and moussaka too.

    I also like Zarela's, at about 51st and Second for lunch. You can just stick to appetizers. Their chiliquiles are excellent, guacamole only so so. Killer margaritas if you are in the mood.

    Finally, Pompano, at 49th and Third, has a great lunch and, at this time of the year, has a very nice upstairs patio. Their tamale, lobster tacos and guacamole are excellent.
    Have fun.