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Jun 6, 2008 04:06 AM

your feedback on veg or healthy living cooking classes

Just wanted to take some courses in the summer to keep busy. What are your comments about the courses offered at Loblaws, Whole Foods, or the Big Carrot?

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  1. Cant compare but I took classes at the Big Carrot that were vegetarian and I really enjoyed it. They were inexpensive and I got to take alot of yummy treats home at the end of each night. Im not a vegetarian but it defiently taught me alot about veg staples like tofu, soy products etc which has definetly helped me get more lean protein.

    1. does Live organic food bar have cooking classes? i'd go there, if anything, as they don't use much tofu. avoid the tofu places, unless you like the taste of tofu. you can get legumes in your diet that are in a more natural state and that taste better. i'd maybe try learning some indian recipes, i heard those were pretty good. i'm not sure where to go for those though... if you look through the vegetarian food guide you can see some listings there for those.