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Jun 6, 2008 12:29 AM

Good Food in Mansfield,TX

Building a new house in Mansfield, Hoping to get some foodies involved to help scope out the place. My only rules: no chains unless they started as DFW chains.

So list is pretty short.

Stephens Garden - Fantastic burgers,,
Cha Cha's - so so mexican food
Charley's burgers. - pretty good. It's not kincaids but in a pinch.
Gameday - only been once.. not bad.
No Frills Grill - Big fan of this place.. great for bringing the lil one.

Anyone else have suggestions.. I have heard of Drews place and some mexican grocery?


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  1. I agree with you on Cha Cha's, not bad, but not great. No Frills is wonderful. I think the nachos are the best ever, the crawrish po boy with tartar sauce is great, along with the San Antonio Chicken Sandwich. I've never eaten anything bad there, but I think the burgers are my least favorite. I always get tater tots instead of fries, as they are completely crispy and yummy!
    There's a sushi place next to the theater I haven't tried yet, but plan to.

    1. For fine, but not expensive, Italian dining I reccomend La Gondola on Debbie Lane in Mansfield. Chef Sal Cuuccia, former owner and chef at the Italian Villa in Arlington, has a loyal following. No pizza here just really good Italian food with great service.

      1. I just moved to South Arlington/Mansfield a few months ago (Matlock&Debbie Lane area) and found Trios to be a good place for pizza. Also I found a good little sushi place off of 287&FM157 in the strip mall near Petco. Also in that area there is a cool little sports bar named the Game Room. It has a good selection of beers on tap and the food is good.