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Jun 5, 2008 11:27 PM

ALL you can eat SUSHI?

Are there any all you can eat sushi places here in austin? (and please don't list buffet palace or something similar)

thank you

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  1. Beluga used to do a "all you can eat buffet" with limitations on Sat nights. I think they still do that.

    They have pretty descent sushi...

    Good Luck!


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    1. re: Trojanbabe

      Nope. Beluga was the only one and they stopped doing it several months ago.
      They do 2 for 1 pieces at lunch and happy hour, but no more all you can eat.
      Sure miss it, for $35 it was a steal

    2. Stokes, I have also wondered about this and done some research with no luck. I do have fond memories of some all you can eat sushi places in other cities, but I haven't yet found anything like that in Austin.

      1. Thanks for the replies

        Beluga would have been great, too bad they stopped their all you can eat

        best deal I've found was this place:

        The sushi isn't that great, but it will fill your sushi cravings

        1. The original comment has been removed