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Jun 5, 2008 10:51 PM

Cochon Roasted Oyster topping?

Anyone know what it is that they slap on top of those oysters? Is that some sort of custom with an oyster roast or do people usually eat them sans toppings?

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  1. We've had the oyster pan roast several times and think the sauce is nothing more than butter and Louisiana Hot Sauce (Crystal/Baumer).

    1. Butter, Lemon Juice, and hot sauce. The trinity for LA cuisine.

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      1. re: shaidr

        Now, you know you're going to confuse those poor out-of-towners who think trinity refers to onions, celery, and bell pepper!

        1. re: cajungirl

          Do you have a favorite hot sauce? All of the red sauces kind of taste the same to me but maybe I'm missing out on one.

          1. re: jgradieoakes

            I'm so close--it has to be Tabasco! But there will be major discussion on Louisiana Hot Sauce!

            1. re: cajungirl

              I have to say Crystal for the tops on hot sauce!

            2. re: jgradieoakes

              truly, this discussion deserves its own thread.

              tabasco is different than the others because they go through a whole process of salting & fermenting their peppers. plus they use tabasco peppers whereas most other sauces use cayenne only. it definitely has a distinct taste to it.

              to me tabasco tastes disgusting and the rest of them (crystal, louisiana, cajun chef, etc. etc. etc.) are all fine. I probably buy crystal as a matter of local pride more than anything else since it used to be bottled right down the street from me. Crystal is the true new orleans hot sauce, the rest of them come from out in the bayou or beyond.