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Jun 5, 2008 09:46 PM

Friday 6/6/08 - Celebrate National Doughnut Day

Thanks to hhc I learned about National Donut day. Here's more about this holiday that occurs on the first Friday each June in honor of Salvation Army volunteers who provided donuts for WWI soldiers ... often by cooking said donut in the soldier's metal helmet.

Friday 6/6/08 - Celebrate National Doughnut Day with free donuts

Even if you don't get a freebie ... what are some good suggestions for a donut in the bay area to celebrate?

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  1. Did they put the helmets back on?

    Bob's on Polk deserves all the praise it gets. Just ask what's fresh before you buy and don't leave without a carton of cold milk.

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    1. re: Windy

      I second Bob's.

      Also, the donut place on the corner of 24th St and South Van Ness is pretty popular, and the one donut I had there was very good. I can't remember the name.

      1. re: Windy

        A 3rd on Bob's. They're the best in the City...formerly the Official Donut Maker for the Knights of Columbus. The older lady that works the afternoon reminds of an Auntie..always so nice.

        By cracky...I'll be in a car near there tomorrow, I'll have to stop by. Thanks for the heads up on NDD.

      2. Here's some National D-Day trivia to go along with your sinkers. I particularly like the German term for donuts.

        1. Boniere Bakery in Alameda makes great doughnuts. Thanks for the excuse to get one tomorrow.

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          1. re: Ruth Lafler

            So I bought a dozen and brought them in to work. Everyone was pleased, but thought I was making up National Doughnut Day. Then the daughter of one of my co-workers came to go to lunch with mom. I told her to save room for a doughnut for dessert, and she said "good, because it's National Doughnut Day!" LOL!

            1. re: Ruth Lafler

              I was going to stop by the Old Oakland Farmers market and then give Boniere a try ... but plans changed. So I went to Pinole and got my free KK. Either I got a bad donut or they changed one of my favorites there .... the whipped creme filled. Instead of whipped cream it was this white goo.

              To salvage the day I stopped by Bear Claw Bakery which I remembered had good donuts. I forgot how good they are... a light, delicate crumb. I got a maple frosted donut and it literally stopped me on the first bite ... a maple frosting that actually tastes like maple ... what a concept. Not like most maple frosting that tastes like white icing tinted brown.

              Thumbs up for Bear Claw Bakery donuts in Pinole.

              1. re: rworange

                I had the same experience with the maple glazed doughnut from Boniere this morning. Actually, I picked up a flake of icing from the box and thought "wow, this actually tastes like maple."

                Yes, light tender crumb. I brought some Boniere doughnuts to an event with some chowhounds and Melanie took a bite of a cake doughnut and said "This is like ... cake!"

                Good thing you didn't go by the Boniere this morning, though, because I almost bought them out. They aren't a doughnut shop, so they only have a limited number of doughnuts in with their other offerings.

          2. I remember one night a few years ago when I left a house party in Berkeley with some friends who lived in San Francisco. They were determined to make it to the Grand Opening of the Krispy Kreme shop in Daly City. We arrived around midnight. There was still a line out the door. We waited. We watched the conveyor-belt process through the glass windows. I salivated in jealousy at their sugar-glaze apparatus, wishing I could have one in my home. :-) A woman passed along the line of customers with a sample tray featuring fresh raised-glazed donuts. That convinced me. I do not recommend Krispy Kremes that you might buy in the supermarket. But fresh off the assembly-line, they are a little cloud of heaven on the tongue.

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            1. re: weem

              I'm not a fan of KK...too sugary for me. That said...a fresh one off the line without sugar can be excellent. The sugar to dough ratio on KK is off...less surface area but the whole things covered in glaze.

              1. re: ML8000

                That made me laugh because my husband has long said the surface area to dough ratio is way off - I thought he was the only one nerdy enough to think about donuts in that way! (by the way nerd is a compliment in our house)

                1. re: jsaimd

                  Well it's not nerdy if it's true..well it could be. Sounds like a smart guy...or a donut lover, and who doesn't like donuts?

              2. re: weem

                This is 100% true. Krispy Kremes are heavenly when still in molten state and require a plastic stick to be removed from the belt. Don't bother unless they are white-hot.