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Jun 5, 2008 09:03 PM

LA hound asks, organic coffee in the city?

In LA I can get a great organic latte at Urth or Groundworks, which are smallish " independent" chains. I know we can probably find a coffee place (Peets, Starbucks) while we are shopping around but would rather have organic if its readily available. Does this exist in SF? We are only in the city for a few days, staying near Union Square. Thanks.

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  1. You can find great organic coffee in SF. Have you made use of the search function yet? At the top of the page, to the right of the San Francisco Bay Area header, is the "search this board" function. Give it a whirl. (-:

    A couple of threads that might help you in your search:

    1. I recommend Blue Bottle Coffee. Several locations. Great coffee.

      1. I had been searching by location (union square, tenderloin etc) and not by coffee since I have have been looking for food options too. Thanks for the links. They're just what we needed.

        1. My favorites for organic and carefully selected, traded, roasted, and served coffee are:

          Ecco sold at Mojo Cafe on Divis (between Hayes and Grove)

          Ritual is my very favorite. If you can ever make it there at noon (M-F), I highly recommend doing a coffee "cupping". If you're looking for a relaxed and educational coffee tasting experience that different.
          They have lots of info online now:

          Blue bottle is all over the place. For a nice sit down experience, I recommend the new Mint plaza cafe. There are a lot of cool galleries and art around the neighborhood if your looking for other interesting places to visit before or after.
          M-F 7-7,
          Sat 8-8,
          and Sun 8-4
          on the corner of Mint and Jessie in downtown San Francisco

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            Thanks for the specific info regarding the organic coffee. It is much appreciated and very helpful too. I made a travel card out of your post.