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Jun 5, 2008 07:53 PM

Korean BBQ with a 3 year old?

We only have one Korean bbq at home and I'd really like to try something better than what I'm used to. We'll be with another couple that has a 3 year old, any places in the city where we can take a 3 year old? He doesn't yell and scream but he certainly doesn't like to sit still for dinner and will be moving around the table.

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  1. Sorry, just found a recent post on this.

    1. We've taken our 3 year old to multiple Korean BBQ places in the city and had no problems. (Our son sounds like your friends' in terms of his restaurant skills.) Generally, they are great kid-friendly places. So pick the one that sounds best to you. Were you thinking Manhattan (I know you are on the Manhattan board) or Flushing? Where is home?

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        We're from Pittsburgh. We have once place here and it's the only Korean BBQ I've had and I can just tell that this place leaves much to be desired.

      2. I don't think the issue with Korean BBQ is whether a 3-year-old will be too noisy. Most Korean restaurants tend to be very family-oriented. But the very hot grill is located at the center of the table. So the kid's parents really need to keep an eye on him or he'd get burned, especially since he doesn't like to sit still.

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          We have taken our children often and they love it-starting when they were 2 years old. Kum Gang San is the best with children. We have been to many in Little Korea and they are the best with kids. Enjoy!

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            Agree on Kum Gang San. We've gone there with small kids and it's worked out great.

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              I will have to say a firm no for Kum Gang San. While it's kid-friendly, their BBQ is really not that great. If the OP is OK with the BBQ grills with a 3-year-old that doesn't sit still, a better choice for BBQ would be Madangsui or Kang Suh. They're both family-friendly. In fact, I would say all of the restaurants in K-town are with the exception of Hangawi and Bon Chon Chicken.