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Jun 5, 2008 07:40 PM

Cheap in Yorkville ... oxymoron or not?

i know yorkville is full of higher end places like remy's and sassafras. but are there any places that is ok and cheap? not fine dinning, but just quick and casual, for those weekdays you don't feel like cooking. more like chinatown. less than $10.

i suspect more of these may be found south of bloor, like charles st, rather than the north. i will be exploring, since i just moved in to the area, but wondering if chowers could suggest. thanks!

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  1. If you want cheap and good it's not in Yorkville. Sushi Inn is quite cheap and quite terrible.

    In the Cumberland Terrance food court (south of Yorkville and underground) there are a couple of OK choices. I like the turkey place where they have a whole roast turkey everyday and when you order they slice it in front of you. Leftovers go into tomorrow's curry turkey which is served on rice for $5 .

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      "If you want cheap and good it's not in Yorkville". Thats not necessarily true. The Coffee Mill is quite good and comforting, and its really cheap. There are a few threads on this restaurant.

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        Where is this turkey place? I've never seen it.

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          It's in the food court level, the first one you see on your right when you are coming from the Bay subway station. They also serve Italian dishes like chicken cacciatore, I think.

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          Shogun, on Cumberland across from the theaters, is reasonably priced and pretty damn good. Sushi Inn steals the spotlight, albeit undeservedly, leaving Shogun as a tasty, relatively inexpensive not-so-busy option (dinner for two around $50).

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              Japanese. Much better than Sushi Inn.

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              I had lunch one day at Shogun and have to agree with dudebrah. I haven't been to Sushi Inn so I can't compare the two, but did think that Shogun was tasty and relatively inexpensive.

          1. When we lived at Yonge and Bloor, Ginger was our cheapie go-to... good and economic Viet at Yonge and Charles.

            I also like the New Yorker deli at Bay and Charles (matzo ball soup, and a decent pastrami sami).

            1. Veda on Yonge, just a little north of Cumberland. Good, cheap Indian takeout. <$10 for their lunch combo plus a drink.
              Whole Foods. Decent pastries, good cheese selection, fresh fruit: you can probably get away with less than $20 and picnic in Yorkville.

              1. There are some little shops on Hayden Street, around the corner from Green Mango. Camros is there too (Persian/Vegetarian take out).

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                  camros is great, but not yorkville. it's organic and is about $10 for lunch. it's nothing all that filling though but it's healthy, and quite tasty. persian, and everything is vegan except the desserts. they're good vegan though, not too granola at all.

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                    Toronto Life just did a special on Camros

                    The kale looks yummy

                    and don't go to Sushi Inn!

                2. There's Esther's Soup Kitchen also in the Cumberland Terrace, but not in the food court. Esther's is on the street level, facing Cumberland in between Yonge and Bay. Great soups and specials like curry on rice, chili and stews. But this place is only open for lunch during weekdays.

                  On Charles Street, there's Okonomi House which specializes in the namesake Japanese crepes. They also have other cooked fare like noodles.

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                    I too like Okonomi House. Those "okonomiyaki" are usually described as Japanese pancackes, crepes, or even pizzas. Some don't like the texture and flavour combinations, and there are the usual debates about "authenticity", but I find the ones at this restaurant to be good comfort food. Homey atmosphere, friendly service, and very cheap all round.

                    Okonomi House
                    23 Charles St W, Toronto, ON M4Y2R4, CA