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Jun 5, 2008 07:35 PM

what great chef would you apprentice under

Like everyone on here i love to cook, but i am a newbie, and im looking to learn, so i would like everyone to name drop

please list a few great chefs you would love to apprentice under if you could have this wish, or a few amazing cookbooks that taught you amazing technique, style, cultural flavors, or creativity-that has changed your view of food or your cooking style

for example i just learned of Julie Sahni's and i bought one of her cookbooks and it seems like a great intro into the world of indian cuisine, who has a favorite thai cookbook

a great chef in the making

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  1. I hopeless in oriental or Indian food, so I would live to work with a native of either of those cuisines.
    The chefs that I immediately thought of when I read the thread were Jacques Pepin, Jacques Torres, Roland Mesnier, Peter Reinhardt and Ewald Notter. I worked 3 years in a bakery during college, and Id love to work under the best in the business.

    1. keller comes to mind. batali, too. their cookbooks are always looking out the rear-view mirror (where they've been, not where they're going). i eat at both their shops and usually walk away pretty happy.

      1. It's not a cookbook, but I HIGHLY recommend Culinary Artistry. It's a must for every semi-serious cook, especially if you like to come up with your own dishes.

        1. A chef at a good Chinese restaurant. I've tried a number of recipes from authentic-sounding cookbooks, and without exception the dishes have had no resemblance whatsoever to the stuff at even budget strip-mall places.

          In modern times, of course, I'm sure those techniques would be useful in many types of cooking. I'd rather have a flavorful fried rice side than plain ol' mashed potaatoes.

          1. Thomas Keller or John Besh for me!