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Jun 5, 2008 07:34 PM

Do you guys have a big bin store you love?

Hey all,

I am thinking about writing about the selections that the big bin stores have. I frequent Binny's when I'm in Chicago and Specs in Houston, and I live in SoCal where they have Bevmo.

Are there others around the country? Also, what are your views on big bin stores? I focus on scotch, and while the bin stores I've frequented seem to not have all that much older or rare stuff, they do have a huge selection of 12 year single malts.


CA Scotch Chick

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  1. Does Sam's in Chicago count? I'm still saddened that my buddy who lived about 4 blocks from there moved back to ATL. Greatest liquor selection I've seen.

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      Great suggestion. Sure looks like it would:

      I have a buddy who lives two blocks from there, and brags about it, but has yet to take me! There is a field trip in the making, next trip to Chicago.

      CA Scotch Chick

      1. re: CA Scotch Chick

        Just be sure to wait to have beer(s) at Goose Island across the parking lot until *after* you shop, in order to reduce impulse purchases.

    2. Here in the SF Bay Area I've had a lot of luck with BevMo, but I've had to work hard at it. I've managed to score Auchentoshan and Bruichladdich, both 32-year old and almost all through the Sunnyvale store. The folks there are willing to work a lot harder than their counterparts in other Bevmo locations to track down and bring in bottles for me.

      I'm curious as to your interest in big bin stores. Is it that they can offer better pricing and selection? Before talking to the Sunnyvale Bevmo location, I was just about ready to give up and go to one of the upscale liquor stores in SF or SoCal. I don't know why, but I just felt more comfortable dealing with BevMo.

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      1. re: samse

        Hey Samse,

        We like the selection and price, but it is also access and the overall experience. We are also investigating high end regular stores and big non chain stores. So any info from anybody on places they love would be welcome. Lots of research and reviews to do (oh darn).

        CA Scotch Chick