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Lower East Side, need cheap or reasonable and good!

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I don't eat out much on LES except for brunch at Essex and Katz's here and there. I am looking for a place for dinner tomorrow night on either cheap eats or reasonable. Near Grand and Essex would be best. I am also curious about insane wait times and would prefer some where that doesn't take forever(asking alot!).

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  1. Clinton St. Bakery is nice for dinner, and the waits are not what they are for dinner--I waited about 20 mins for a table for 2 on a Saturday.

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      I've only been to Clinton St. Bakery once, and that was for brunch...1.5 hrs, but so delicious...do you know why the wait isn't as long for dinner? Was it the time, or are they just more well known for their breakfasts/brunches?

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        They are definitely more well known for breakfasts/brunches.

    2. Tre would work for you...solid Italian eats at reasonable prices...nice space, to boot


      1. Open the Sesame seems to be popular - I went way back when they opened, and don't remember being thrilled, but they've revamped the entire place - and scored a liquor license - http://menupages.com/restaurantdetail...

        Also, it's a bit more north, but you can always eat dirt cheaply on 6th street for Indian - I like Spice Cove. Some folks on here don't like that strip of restaurants, but as a non-uber-sophisticated-palate person, I've been very happy with some of the places.

          1. We like Frankies Spuntino on Court. Not cheap, but really well priced for what you get. And quite decent house wine.

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              Frankie's on Court is in Brooklyn, not the LES.

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                I know there's a branch that opened on the LES too.

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                  The Manhattan one is called Frankie's 17. 17 because it's 17 Clinton St.


            2. Isabella's Oven for what might be the best brick oven pizza in NYC.


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                Apparently they changed chefs months ago. I ate at it recently (I hadn't eaten at it before the change in chefs) and didn't think it was anything special.

                The Vegetarian New Yorker: http://vegny.blogspot.com/

              2. It gets a bad rap for being a bit of a hipster sink hole, but I've had really delicious food at Schiller's, and gotten away with spending $30-40 a head with shared apps, a main course and wine. The wait can be bad, but you might luck out and score a table right away. I was told there'd be an hour and a half wait at Inoteca one night and mosied over to Schiller's and was seated right away.

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                  Agree with Schiller's. Get there early (six isn't bad) before the deluge of people. Inoteca at Ludlow and Rivington has excellent 'small plate' italian and a killer wine list.

                2. congee village; supper; tides; sombrero; banjara....

                  1. Cafe Katja on Orchard has great Austrian food at really reasonable prices. Homemade pretzels are $3, Spaetzle is $16. It's a sweet place.