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Jun 5, 2008 06:40 PM

Mykonos in Dobbs?

Have enjoyed the Landmark Diner in Ossining many times, and I understand the owners have opened a Greek place, Mykonos, in Dobbs Ferry. Any feedback from Chow Hounds would be welcome... worth the trip from Ossining?


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  1. I went there about a year ago with my wife for lunch and I am sad to say it was a horrible experience. (Check the older thread on "Mykonos") It was a while ago and they were open about 6 months so it they could of been ironing out the kinks. I pass by it all the time when I head over to sushi Mike's and it never seems busy. I will try it again next week to see if things have changed.

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      Within walking distance from me. I really hoped it would be good. Alas, we ordered a simple Greek salad/souvalki and were very disappointed. Better feta cheese could easily be had at the Stop n Shop supermarket down the street. I don't get it. They spend all that money on a great looking facade and can't get the food down.

      1. I don't understand how anyone can post a comment based on an experience from 1 year ago... I was there today with some college buds who have recently moved from NYC into Dobbs Ferry and they were raving about their new little town and how different it is than the city. Any how I overheard the waiter explain to another table that their new chef, Betty who recently worked in New York city at another Greek restaurant. We all enjoyed the dip Skordalia that's place on the table before the meal. I ordered the grilled tri bass... I had no idea that the owner also owns the Landmark Diner as well, I've eaten there as well. I've had great experiences from both. Nothing better than a great meal with great friends despite the fact that I picked up the tab.

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