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Jun 5, 2008 06:31 PM

In the SF valley for the summer.. need coffee!

I am from New Jersey right outside NYC so I miss my pizza, bagels, and above all, Dunkin Donuts Coffee!! I am all for trying new coffee places, are there any good places without having to leave the Valley?

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  1. Well, you can get Dunkin' Donuts coffee beans in any Ralphs and make your own (I, too, am from NJ and lament the lack of DD here).

    If you're into coffee drinks, I can recommend Priscilla's in Burbank/Toluca Lake, and Porto's in Burbank and Glendale, as well as Nata's in Sherman Oaks.

    1. M Street Coffee in Sherman Oaks.

      Great little place, wish they were open later though.

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      1. re: Pumpkin_Head

        Wish M Street were better.
        Peet's does it better my ten miles, and for less money. To Poster, try Peet's in Studio City or Tarzana, and you should be fine. Most of the rest are just pretenders.

      2. You should be more worried about your pizza and bagels than coffee. Just don't ask for coffee "regular", they won't know what you're talking about.

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        1. re: monku

          And while you're at it, don't ask for a "regular" slice, either.

          Is Dunkin' Donuts coffee really that good? I'll be in NY at the end of the month, think I might have to try it.

          1. re: lad1818

            Don't forget the dunkin donut to go with that coffee. Don't ask me what the fascination is with their coffee.

            1. re: lad1818

              No, my friend, it's not really that good. Over the course of several recent trips to NYC, I made a point of regularly stopping into a number of the more generic food destinations (e.g., bagel shops, pizza places) for which all too many NY expatriates who now live in LA wax with such overgeneralized nostalgia. Among those, I must have patronized at least three or four different Dunkin' Donuts locations in Manhattan and Queens. I think that's taking enough hits for the team to credibly debunk the notion that there is anything particularly noteworthy or distinctive about DD's donuts or coffee. My impression as to why DD's coffee seems to have such a devoted following is simply that it's as ubiquitous in NYC as Starbucks while being a bit less pricey and less easy to loathe.

              1. re: Arthur

                I'm convinced that it's an acquired taste. You're right in that on the strict, objective quality scale, DD coffee and donuts don't begin to compare -- but it's morphed into something different. I actually learned to LIKE that burned industrial coffee taste.

                The way people kvetch on this board, you'd think that every corner pizza joint was a Lombardi's or something. It's not. The vast majority of pizza in New York is crap, the same way the vast majority of Mexican in LA is crap. People jones for the best of New York in LA, and then sneer about it.

                Bagels, though, are definitely different, and I attribute that to New Yorkers wanting bagels you have to fight to eat, whereas here in LA we seem to like bagel-shaped bread that's easy to toast.

            2. re: monku

              Yeah, you can't tell them how you want it -- order the coffee and you have to doctor it yourself. "Light and sweet" means nothing out here.

              As for your pizza, that's easy -- Vito's, in WeHo. Bagels are harder but you can, in a pinch, go to Bagel Nosh on 17th and Wilshire in Santa Monica or just screw up your courage and ignore the wailing from your wallet as you pay $3.50 EACH for H&H bagels at Barney Greengrass in Beverly Hills.

            3. There's a place called the Coffee Roaster or something on Ventura in Sherman Oaks that is dang good.

              Rocky Roaster in canoga park is great.

              Frankly, I prefer Victor Benes, found at any Gelson's (beans or made into a cuppa for you) or Peet's. My favorite Victor Benes is in the Encino Gelson's

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              1. re: Diana

                2nd Rocky Roasters. I work a block away and enjoy it regularly. They roast fresh every day (I know. I can smell it!).

                Anyone catch that makeover show on Style network that redid Rocky's? Place looks way nicer now (although i do miss the bulletin board :()