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Jun 5, 2008 06:24 PM

Mastro's or BOA in SM?

I've been going back and forth as to what restaurant to take an out of town guest. I tried getting reservations at Cut but was unsuccessful. So now I've narrowed my choices down to Mastro's in Beverly Hills or Boa in Santa Monica. We have reservations for this weekend so I'll cancel one or the other. I'm looking for opinions on which resto an out of towner would appreciate most? Thanks!

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  1. I was torn between the same two choices about a month ago. I went with Mastro's, and was definitely not disappointed. The service was outstanding, the food was delicious, and the atmosphere was lovely. It's more old school LA; Boa is hip and trendy, with a younger clientele. It depends what kind of scene you're looking for, but I really do recommend Mastro's.

    1. Wow have you considered Wolfgang's in Bev Hills? My last two meals there have been terrific. Best steaks in town IMHO. If it's Mastro's or BOA SM, Mastro's is very masculine and clubby (ask for the upstairs where it's more lively) and BOA has a gorgeous view of the ocean. Foodwise it's Mastro's all the way for me.

      1. I would consider Chaya, too (either one), they make great steaks, and it's always a great spot to take out of towners. It's a big hit with all my guests, the kind of place they talk about forever after. Chaya is quintessentially LA, whereas Boa and Mastro's feel like something you can get in any big city, to me.

        1. Boa: Hip, loud, by the beach, so-so food, $$$

          Mastro's: Older money crowd (occasional celeb), loud also, smack in the middle of Beverly Hills, excellent food, $$$$

          Cut: Celebs young & old, smack in the middle of Beverly Hills, excellent food, $$$$$

          If Cut gives you no love, then my vote goes to Mastro's. Get the bone-in filet.

          1. Thanks everyone. I was leaning toward Mastro's and your responses confirm it.