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Jun 5, 2008 05:59 PM


Where in Manhatten (or Hoboken) can I get bagels that don't look like inner tubes?

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  1. Murray's bagels aren't as huge as some of the others. Neither are the bagels from H&H.

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    1. re: Lucia

      I'll second Murray's and H&H. Search the Manhattan board; there are many, many bagel threads.

      1. re: fsd1116

        I've been to both Murray's and H&H. While both are satyisfactory, they, too, have fallen into the ":more dough is better" syndrome.

        I've also searched the boards for better bagels and, maybe it's me, can't find a reference to the good old-fashioned kind.

        Any suggestions?

        1. re: eclane

          David's Bagels at 331 1st Ave gets good reviews. I used to go there a lot when I lived in the neighborhood. The bagels were smaller and less "doughy" than Ess-a-Bagel's. A relatively new place called Brooklyn Bagels opened on 8th Ave between 24th and 25th Sts. Their regular size bagels would probably be too doughy, but they do sell "mini" bagels.

          1. re: fsd1116

            Try Tal Bagel's, at 54th and First Avenue. They have excellent bagels, not too big with a crusty exterior and good chewy interior. They've been rated top bagels in years past. Way better than Ess A Bagel, for instance.

            1. re: fsd1116

              David's bagels are good but bigger than Murray's and H&H

      2. Murrays on 13th st & 6th ave or Zuckermans chambers St off w. b-way

        1. H&H actually has mini bagels which might fit your bill, they're not up on the counter thing but it's on the sign along with bialys and a few other kinds of bagels that aren't displayed.

          1. You would probably like Kossar's bagels on the LES.

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            1. re: Miss Needle

              I don't believe that Kossar's makes their own bagels. Can anyone confirm?

              1. re: fsd1116

                A long time ago, all bread bakers in NYC were union members. Every loaf of bread you bought had a paper union label about the size of a first class stamp attached to it. But there was more than one union and one union represented bagel makers and another one represented bialy makers. So even thought you could buy bialys in a bagel shop, they were never made there and the same with bialy places of which there were fewer than the bagel stores. So even though those days are long gone, Kossars probably finds it more convenient to purchase bagels wholesale for the customers who want them but they're mainly a bialy place.
                Years ago I used to go there for their bialys, bulksa ( a smal loaf baked with bialy dough) and onion disks ( flat round disk also baked with bialy dough and covered with onions and poppy seeds). I'd have them lightly toasted but with the edges slightly burnt and smeared with generous amounts of butter, delicious!
                There used to be these two gnome like people, a man and woman who had worked with that pure white flour for so long that it seemed to have given them a permanent chalk like complexion.

              2. re: Miss Needle

                Does anyone have a suggestion for a Kossar's alternative? My father, who grew up in NYC, asks me to bring him bialys whenever I visit. But he doesn't like Kossar's anymore - they used to have a lot more onions and stuff in the middle. Has anyone found a bialy they like as much as or better than Kossar's?

              3. Absolute Bagels is exactly what you are searching for. Not too big or doughy, crisp on the outside and soft in the middle. It's on 108th and Broadway.

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                1. re: offthebeatenpath1

                  agreed on absolute. most of the other bagel places mentioned above, are just average, well know places..not great bagels

                  1. re: offthebeatenpath1

                    I like Absolute too, but the bagels are pretty huge.