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Jun 5, 2008 05:44 PM

custom cake on cape cod

I need a graduation cake for June 15th (boo hoo) my baby is graduationg HS. any suggestions from my savvy saveurs?

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  1. The Mercantile in Dennis Village does a nice job. There's also The Casual Gourmet in Centerville. My personal favorite is Dottie Lovely "The Cake Lady" , Yarmouth, MA (508)394-0488

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    1. re: CapeCodGuy

      Dottie Lovely made my wedding cake and it was wonderful. However, I think June is a tough time to be ordering from anyone who is primarily known for wedding cakes! I would also recommend the Cottage Bakery in Orleans - their cakes are delicious.

    2. Try Delicious Desserts - I believe she is in Falmouth - had the most AMAZING ammeretto/almond cake from Lisa

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        Went to a baby shower and everyone was commenting on the best cakes on Cape. The consensus was Cottage St. Bakery in Orleans.

      2. I ended up ordering from Beth's special Teas on Jarves st in Sandwich. i will let you know. we ordered a triple Lemon cake sounded good we shall see. Gotta get cooking 30-40 of our nearest and dearest coming on sunday...........phew