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Jun 5, 2008 05:41 PM

Looking for a nice rooftop restaurant

Any exist in DC? Thanks for the info!

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  1. yep- Tabaq around 14th and U. glass enclosed rooftop- ultra cool atmosphere, delicious mezze and excellent bar.

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    1. re: Aphioni

      I love that space at Tabaq and I think the food is credible. The tables are squished so close together, though, that you feel as if you're eating with the folks at the next table. The two-tops are impossibly small. The bread service and a bottle of wine make the table crowded even before any dishes arrive. I find it really difficult to relax there, as I'm nervous about having something fall off of the table and onto the nice strangers at the next table.

    2. the newly renovated hotel washington, to become a w hotel, will be the spot once it reopens at the end of the year.

      the sky terrace resto has the very best views ; second place belonged to the sweeping views once offered by top of the town in arlington.

      btw, any scoop on that tott place? i'm bewildered why it is not a thriving place. anyone?

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      1. re: alkapal

        Are you sure that the Sky Terrace is going to reopen in the fall when the Hotel Washington reopens as a W? I was down there the other day, and from the ground, it looked to me like they enclosed the entire area that used to be open air. I was so upset when I looked up and saw that. Can anyone confirm that, or was I just seeing things?

        Oh, and the Skydome Lounge in Arlington has turned into some cheesy nightclub like atmosphere. It doesn't go with the hotel at all. You have to show id at the door, and you can't even hear yourself think. I don't know why they don't turn it into a nice little simple dining place where you can go get small plates of food and drinks in a nice, relaxing atmosphere, and enjoy the fantastic revolving view.

        1. re: kensingtonite

          I'd heard the plan was to enclose the roof at the new W - pity.

          1. re: hill food

            i agree it is a pity that they've enclosed the sky terrace -- it was always a place we could go to relax with friends and have a drink. it was a treat for our out-of-town guests to get such a fabulous view. we also had our wedding reception there on a gorgeous october day. the suits at "w" obviously didn't consult with me!

            1. re: alkapal

              The rooftop isn't enclosed. There is an indoor lounge (and a ballroom) in addition to the outdoor roof terrace, which has now been renovated and will be known as POV (Point of View). It opens July 8.

      2. The Reef in Adam's Morgan- rooftop bar with decent food.

        I am not excited about the coming W, they are supposed to glass in the rooftop, which takes away the charm, maybe they changed their minds, but I doubt it...

        The Ruth Chris in Crystal City isn't rooftop, but it is at the top of the building, with an excellent view if you get near a window.

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        1. re: ktmoomau

          Perry's in Adams Morgan. I dont love the food, but the rooftop dining experience is very nice.

          1. re: ktmoomau

            w plans to glass in the terrace? oh, that would not be good!!! i had my wedding reception there. it has such charm open-air.

                1. re: discojing

                  Last night I spent a bit of time at the rooftop bar at Eventide. I would second this rec. Easy access from DC on the Orange Line to Clarendon.