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Jun 5, 2008 05:37 PM

Where to find the best Zongzi in Flushing?

Where do you go to buy zongzi? Any place with novel fillings? best flavors

Either in Flushing or Chinatown. Thanks

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  1. well i can only help in the fact that they are all over flushing literally. from food stalls, to walk up windows to dim sum houses and everywhere inbetween. some notable ones i remember is dim sum @ jade has tasty ones and a bit smaller since you get several on the plate so the flavor of the filling is really in the rice. i also like that little walk-in stall on roosevelt like 3 doors down from the bookstand at the corner you pass a shoe store then another store and mabey 1 more and you cant miss it. sorry for such vagueness. i dont even know the name of that shop, mabey someone here does lol
    but if you walk around you will see them everywhere