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Jun 5, 2008 05:15 PM

Fox Bros in Atlanta?

I'm a set-adrift Southerner living in Northern California and will be traveling into ATL proper in about a week. My husband, three stepchildren, mother-in-law and husband will all be with me for a Sunday afternoon lunch. Frankly, none of them know much about food and are happy eating most anything. I, however, want something good that we don't have out here in CA - BBQ - and I want dang near as soon as we land at Hartsfield. Fox Brothers seems the most intriguing to me (I almost burst out crying with joy as I read the menu online) and it's within ATL.

I've read through hundreds of posts about ATL restaurants and a few about Fox Brothers, but none seem to be within the past two or three months. Has anyone been recently that wants to give me the lowdown? Past reviews from here and other places on the web pointed to inconsistencies, but those reviews were all within three months of their restaurant opening. And do they serve beer? Please, help me out!

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  1. Yes to beer and yes to Fox Bros. I have been recently and it is really really great! They will not let you down. The brisket is excellent as are the ribs. I hope you have a wonderful time.

    1. I went last night for the first time, after wanting to try it for a long time. It was awesome! I had the brisket platter and brought home a pound of pulled pork for the family...both were just delicious. The sides were great, too. You absolutely have to have the mac n cheese. It was the best I think I've ever eaten. I also had the green beans and enjoyed them, too. They were quite spicy, cooked in a tomato-based sauce, which is how the Lebanese side of my family cook green beans...if you've never had them cooked that way, you might think they're odd. My dinner companion had the baked beans and let me taste them...yummy. She ordered a Red Stripe beer, and it was about twice the size of the bottles you get in the store. I had wine. They pretty much are just covering bases with the wine "list": something like 2 red/2white/1pink.

      You should definitely try it. Also, check out the review (sort of) of Fox Bros vs Rolling Bones here:

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        It is fabulous!!! the mac and cheese is unreal.I love that place and go at least twice everytime I am in the ATL.

      2. Thanks for the confirmation, y'all! And I did read the Fox Bros vs. Rolling Bones piece - I like the concept and name of Rolling Bones, but it seemed too clean to be a real Q joint. My old favorite Q joint was this shack in a field that only had a screen door and some discarded school furniture to sit on in the eating area (not much bigger than a walk-in closet). It was called Frog's and it was outside of Williston, FL. Haven't been there in years and I don't know if it still around....

        As y'all can imagine, Northern California has nothing for Southern BBQ and I'm really looking forward to chowing down all over the South when I get there in June.... especially when I get to South Carolina and get some of my beloved mustard sauce - ooowweee!