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Jun 5, 2008 04:59 PM

Binkley's Dress Code?

We have reservations this week at Binkley's and I am wondering about their dress code. Their web page said resort casual, would this include a nice set of jeans with a collared shirt? Just don't feel like putting on wool trousers right now....;)

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  1. I would reccomend nice dress shorts for a man and button down or nice jeans and button down as the most casual.

    I guess I am basically saying your fine. I have seen people in suit jackets I personally have my husband wear nice jeans and nice shirt or black pants and shirt....

    1. smart casual..
      This is a wonderful restaurant and the Cave Creek area is gorgeous..
      Please report back..I'll be there again for the 4th of July weekend..

      1. I've alway worn a jacket, but then I do that for almost every upscale restaurant where we dine, even AZ, New Orleans and HI. However, I see plenty of gentlemen in slacks and a collared shirt.


        1. That sounds just about perfect to me. "Resort casual" in Phoenix is pretty relaxed; you can wear shorts if you want, especially in summer.

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            Yes, dining attire in PHX is rather relaxed, especially in the Summer.

            I think I have told this story on this board, but first dining trip to PHX, back in the mid-90's, I had chosen a spot, that suggested "formal attire for gentlemen." I packed my black suit, as we would be dining there well after 6:00PM, and did not feel like packing my tux. Mentioned to our hosts, and the guy had me call the restaurant, to inquire on what "formal attire" really meant. At his urgings, I called and asked. The answer that I got floored me, "it means collared shirts... " OK, my introduction to fine-dining attire in PHX.


          2. I wouldn't recommend jeans, but you don't have to wear suit and tie either. Nice slacks or a nice pair of shorts will be acceptable, I preferably would not wear jeans.

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              I agree. While I've never been to Binkley's, I always interpret "resort casual" as essentially a notch above jeans (particularly since Binkley's is one of the highest-end restaurant in the valley). Jeans are simply casual (about as casual as you get), and usually not really appropriate for a fine-dining restaurant, even in Phoenix. I would second the idea of slacks, collared shirt (can even just be a polo or short sleeved button-down, really), and a decent pair of shoes. Not sure what that translates to in women's clothing.

              Obviously, they aren't going to kick you out due to what you're wearing, and you probably wouldn't be the only one in jeans if that's what you feel like wearing.

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                I hate to sound controversial but I think depending on what type of Jeans you wear whether they are designer or cruddy you can wear designer jeans to binkleys with a nice button down shirt as a male.

                Being denim is considered dressed up in this day and age. As you can see all of hollywood wears it to events and so forth. You most degintiely can wear denim and fit in like a glove to Binkley's. Just IMHO.

                1. re: drewb123

                  I totally concur. There are "jeans" and there are "nice jeans"....although I am generally in favor of looking nice when I go out, I'm someone who likes to wear jeans, I find nice jeans completely appropriate at Binkley's. Just take a look at Amy Binkley herself....she runs one of the best places in town but she never hesitates to show off her tatoos. And many of the servers don't fit the mold of 'fine dining servers"...they are slightly funky and have lots of personality. Especilly the bread steward....he's great.

                  It's that juxtaposition of elegant against "slightly alternative" that gives Binkley's its character and, in my humble opinion, makes "come as you are" perfectly fitting there. There is something truly great and egalitarian about some of the best food in the State (or region, or country) being served in an atmosphere where it doesn't matter how much your outfit cost.

                  1. re: drewb123

                    I guess that I am just a bit more formal, but that is a personal choice. I'm not likely to be found dining at a "fine-dining" restaurant, wearing jeans. However, I am definitely NOT Hollywood, or Nashville, or any segment of the TV, motion-picutre, or recording industry.

                    I attend a lot of black-tie events, where these folk are definitely in evidence. You can spot them a mile away. They will be in their flip-flops, jeans with holes, dress-shirts with the tails out, and jackets. In other social settings, and in years past, I would assume that they were the delivery people, bringing some item into the gala. Now, you know that they have some "celebrity status."

                    From the "old guy" in the group,