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Jun 5, 2008 04:55 PM

Belcourt lunch review

Really great lunch. Mrs. GG and I shared the boudin blanc with homemade chips and sauerkraut, the lamb burger with goat cheese and pickled zucchini and the croque madame made with the melodious sounding (and tasting) lamb ham. Had a great Scottish beer, Harvistoun Old Engine Oil black ale-really got me lubricated. For dessert, the ubiquitous ricotta bombolini with chocolate sauce (which in the past 2 weeks I've had at Gusto, Falai, A Voce, Perilla and al di la) were the best I've had. Would definitely go back for the dinner or breakfast menus which looked very interesting. Cool place to hang out too.

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  1. yeah, im surprised this place is still in business. went for dinner last fall. was barely ok.

    i think the chef's use and love of offal doesnt come through enough.

    1. Hi GG,

      I am also a fan of Belcourt and thought it was a bit underrated. I did remember kathryn telling me that her friends didn't like their bourdin blanc (which I didn't try). Here is the link to my post and what I had tried:

      1. I too think it's a little underrated but I think it may fall short on some of the more ambitious items. The pumpkin and apple raviolo is good but a little too sweet. It got cloying after a while and was a little bit difficult to eat, accounting to it's presentation and size. I also enjoyed the fried scallions with my lamb burger. The lamb burger was big and tender and juicy (got a little repetitive towards the end) but I was lukewarm on the spicy ketchup though. My friend, who also ordered the burger, thought it was fine. But count me in as a goat cheese + lamb fan. The meyer lemon tart is nicely done, and a good contrast to a lot of the rich items on the menu. We also tried the pot de creme -- well executed and sinful, but too heavy to finish.

        1. I had dinner there for the first time just last week. Welcoming and relaxing, nice-guy waiter and bartender, I absolutely loved the lamb burger, and my friend really enjoyed his "poulet vert." An excellent fresh pea soup to start. The wines by the glass are other-than-the-usual-suspects. I was happy indeed!

          1. I've been there for dinner, and so have friends on separate occasions. We all came away saying the same thing--everything was way, way, way, over-salted!

            So much so that none of us were able to finish our entrees. I love the space, and everything was cooked well, but the salt was too much to handle. Anyone else have the same experience?

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              Not me -- and I'm generally a low-salt person. I guess one of us was there on an off-night!

              1. re: mjh5821

                No, if anything, my burger and raviolo were a bit on the underseasoned side. Interesting.