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Jun 5, 2008 04:21 PM

Fail-proof teriyaki meatball recipe?

So my friend is having a big birthday bash with a lot of beer. What better appetizer to bring than teriyaki meatballs? I've done some prelim research on google - nothing seems right. I don't want Sweet & Sour meatballs, and I am perfectly happy to make both the meatballs and sauce from scratch.

Links? Recipes from your Asian/Hawaiian grandma/ma (depending on your age) from the 50s when meatballs were the de rigeur appetizer? To keep cost down, I think I will make a ground beef/ground turkey mix one. All ground turkey or ground chicken would run $5/lb., and I want to buy 3-4 lbs. of meet to make a monster plate load of them for people to nosh with their beer.....Please help me Chowhounds! I know you guys are chock full of great ideas. Also don't know if I trust this "grated raw onion" bizness...any experience? Dehydrated onion flakes might be good. I feel like I did that in a burger once upon a time and thought of it as an elegant solution to adding onion flavor to meat, if memory serves..

P.S. These need to be as amazing (or even more amazing) at room temp. No chafing dish. Ultra low-maintenaince meatballs they must be. (okay, why did that come out with a Yoda-like sentence construction?) ;P

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  1. Easy as this

    1 bag premade cocktail meatballs
    2 10 oz jars Chili Sauce
    1 18 oz jar grape jelly
    1 can pineapple chunks

    Heat chili sauce and jelly in pot till jelly is liquified
    Add the frozen meatballs following the time on the bag
    toward the end of the time put in the pineapple chunks

    I serve out of a crockpot but a tray would be fine. They don't last long anyway : )

    time tested recipe - have had it for 20 + years. It never fails to please and I have to hand the recipe out everytime I bring it to a party.

    1. LAfoodie, I have teriyaki pork meatballs on my menu at my restaurant in Boston, they are easy to make. I use 75% ground pork (about 2/lb) and 25% hot italian sausage. Mix in a bowl with teriyaki glaze (the thick stuff), a little sesame oil, and buy some already diced ginger and garlic from your local produce section. We do it a little more complicated here, but I have prep cooks, we make a cilantro pesto and mix that in as well, but you could do without it. Dont add eggs as a binder. Use panko bread crumbs. The sausage keeps the balls moist as long as you don't really overcook them. cook at a fairly low temp, 350 or so and remove them when the middles are just about done. They will finish cooking on there own. You can serve them cold. Or if you put 4 or 5 in a ziploc nuke them for a minute or two.

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        Thank you - this sounds very good (and easy). I did debate pork, I know that would make them flavorful.....and there's probably enough fat to bind without using eggs, exactly as you suggest!