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Jun 5, 2008 04:14 PM

Need Chapel Hill, NC restaurant recommendations

I am trying to find a nice restaurant in Chapel Hill, to which I can buy a gift certificate (as a thank you); however, I am not at all familiar with Chapel Hill and have no idea where to start. Any suggestions on nicer restaurants?

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  1. It really depends on how much money you want to spend.

    You can eat a full dinner plus a wine-tasting at Bonne Soiree consistently for about $105 a person.

    Lantern or il Palio probably for about $50-$70 a person

    411 West or Squids or Panzanella are good restaurants for about $30-$40 a person.

    1. Bonne Soiree and Il Palio are the best restaurants I've been to in Chapel Hill but of course they are priced accordingly - as fussycouple says, it'll cost about $100 per person at Bonne Soiree if they get all three courses + wine, and about $75 for Il Palio.

      My husband was given a gift certificate for $25 to 411 West, which completely paid for his meal and a bit of mine. We really enjoyed it too. It's a nice space with pretty good food.

      Do you know what kind of food your gift recipient likes? Obviously Il Palio and 411 West are going to be Italian and Bonne Soiree is French.

      I've never been to The Lantern (which is Pan-Asian) but lots of people seem to like it. I'm sure someone will come along and let you know what the prices are - they don't list any on their web site:

      There's also Elaine's on Franklin, which tries to be a little more 'hipster' and trendy, while Bonne Soiree and Il Palio are more formal and traditional. Personally I'd go to one of those two places before Elaine's though - I think the food is better and at those prices you want it to be worth it! You'll also notice that a lot of the items on the menu at Elaine's are cooked rare - that includes fish dishes too.

      1. My favorite Chapel Hill restaurant is a nice $$/$$$ restaurant, La Residence. I say $$ also because they have a bar menu in addition to the more expensive entrees. Your friends will be so happy!

        La Residence

        202 W Rosemary St
        Chapel Hill, NC 27516
        (919) 967-2506

        1. Lantern is about $40-50 per person (including wine) and totally worth it. I think anyone would be glad to have a gift certificate there.

          Also second the recs for 411 West and Panzanella.

          Truthfully, I would very much enjoy ANY meal that someone else has paid for! So I am sure your giftees will feel very thanked and very happy.

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