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Jun 5, 2008 03:55 PM

Anyone been to AJ's Tucson?

They have a brownie I've been thinking about trying, wanted to know if anyone has tried it and if it's worth the $. Accidental Brownie....



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  1. I've been to AJ's often, JDusty... Never tried the brownie, though. I've had good luck with their other baked goods, both breads and sweets, so I wouldn't hesitate to try their brownie.

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    1. re: Booklegger451

      I agree; I've not had it, but wouldn't hesitate a bit. OK; so that's not entirely the truth....when I hook the corner past the cheese, go past the sushi on the left and deli on the right, I pretty much try and avert my gaze hard left, towards the checkout and AWAY from the decadent cakes and other asst. baked goods section. So please....try it, and let us know if it's really worth going there...because I'm a little afraid of what will happen if I turn to the right and start looking....

    2. Haven't had the brownie, plain cheese pizza slices are great and so are the meatloaf sandwiches. The most amazing thing I have ever seen at A.J.'s is the quality of the plastic surgery on some of the lady patrons. I've never seen so many 60-70 yr old gals trying to look like Britinny Spears. Actually I'm more into Eddie Bashas other place Food City, I'll go with the hot mexicanas instead of the botox bags and trophy wives at A.J.'s. (I know, you didn't need this much information.)

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