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Jun 5, 2008 03:44 PM

Best choice for a local-ingredients lunch in Seattle (also would love to find a farmers' market!)

We'll be in Seattle just one day (arriving via Amtrak evening 6/22, leaving late afternoon 6/23) and would like to find a lunch spot that sources locally. We're staying near the Amtrak station and won't have a car, so we need something within a reasonable walk or taxi ride. Any suggestions? (I tried searching on various terms but couldn't find anything -- my apologies if this has been covered thoroughly and I didn't use the right search terms!)

Also, if there's a farmers' market on 6/23, I would truly love to visit.


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  1. Pike Place Market is walking distance from Amtrak and is open daily. They do have some farmers there daily, though they also have a wide variety of crafts and merchandise as well. But it is well worth visiting and there definitely are plenty of fruits and vegetables, jams, nuts, and other local foodstuffs there. I don't generally think of it as a "farmers market" like I think of the other farmers markets, but it definitely does meet the definition.

    I don't have a specific restaurant recommendation, but you will find that a large number of Seattle's restaurants will source locally whenever possible. Steelhead Diner is good, as is Matt's in the Market.

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      Patriciajane, thanks so much! Matt's in the Market and Pike Place market sound great! I'll make a res now for Matt's in the Market.

    2. The Pike Place Market is indeed a true farmer's market and is, in fact, among the oldest continuously operating farmer's markets in the country--it will celebrate its 101st birthday in August. Wednesdays and Saturdays are historically the "biggest" days with the most farmers; Sundays are farm days, when farmers sell off the street itself in addition to in the stalls, and Sundays also feature demos by local chefs. Many eateries in the Market purchase from farmers--just wander around to find out what looks and smells good!

      1. I just had my first experience with Matt's in the Market and truly would love for you to have the same experience. Below are a few links that should help you out...