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Jun 5, 2008 03:22 PM

5 Best Restaurants

Hi All,

I have a boss in town who is rather well off. He asked me for a list of what I thought were some of the best restaurants in Manhattan but not the usual suspects., Jean George, Joel Robichon, etc. I know that is rather vague but if anyone can help me come up with an interesting quirky list of their five best it would be greatly appreciated....cheers!

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  1. Blue Hill
    ...and Wo Hop.

    1. I don't feel knowledgeable enough to suggest all 5 but I would throw Annisa into the mix. Special, excellent and not a usual suspect.

      1. Great lunch at Perry St.
        Milo's on 55th st.

        1. Daniel, Il Mulino, River Cafe, Del Posto and Felidia...............

          1. the new kids on the block are great in my view without the fancy digs

            back forty
            shorty's 32
            market table
            allen and delancey