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Jun 5, 2008 02:28 PM

Primehouse or BLT Prime?

I'm planning on taking a few friend to a steakhouse, and eliminating all the steakhouses we've been to, I've narrowed it down to Primehouse and BLT Prime. We're a all certified meat eaters, will probably get a bottle of wine in the $40 range or so. I love ribeyes.

Which one between the two do you prefer? I'm not considering any other suggestions. But if you just HAVE to recommend somewhere else, I'll say.... Sparks.


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  1. If judging straightly about the steaks, I find Primehouse to be better. They have the reserve cuts dry aged 35 or 40 days and they are great.

    If you compare the sides, apps, and other non-steak options, BLT Prime beats the heck out of Primehouse. Not to mention they have these addictive popovers and onion rings.

    BLT has fine steaks and may be a whole restaurant package, but Primehouse's steaks, on absolutely term, are better IMO.

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    1. re: kobetobiko

      I am in agreement with your sentiments. They both have great steaks and Primehouse does have some options for extra aged steaks while BLT prime has Kobe and American Wagyu steaks to supplement their dry aged prime steaks. Some of the reserve steaks at Primehouse I didn't feel were worth the extra expense such as the 65 day ribeye but looking at their recent menu, it appears they no longer offer it. I did try a reserve sirloin special that was offered one day and it was fantastic. I have nothing but positive things to say about the ribeye at BLT Prime.

      That being said, I think the service at Primehouse is a joke. All those stupid carts and servers constantly dodging them make it a real hectic environment. I also think their wine list runs on the expensive side.

      1. re: ESNY

        Thanks both for pointing out the wine list. I didn't pick the wine myself so I wasn't aware of the pricing of wine at Primehouse. If that it is expensive then OP might indeed be better off at BLT Prime.

    2. I think Primehouse is a nightmare of an operation, and they've recently added outdoor seating, so the chaos now spills on to 27th street too.

      There were also some complaints about the wine list being steep, so you might want to double check they're serving options you like in your price range. That could be a deciding factor.

      1. I have never been to Primehouse, however definiitely want to try it. Most people tend to like it.

        On the other hand I have been to BLT Prime and it is fantastic. One of the best meals I have ever had. The porterhouse was perfectly charred on the outside, and deep red medium rare on the inside. The sides were also amazing- gnocchi, creamed spinach, blue cheese tater tots. Non steak dishes- braised short ribs and huge jumbo shrimp were also fantastic. The only slightly subpar item were the hen of the woods mushrooms- a little too salty.

        The desserts are also great especially the chocolate chestnut sundae. Great atmosphere as well. Definitely a top notch place.