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Rice Pudding (Toronto)

Does anyone know a restaurant or diner in Toronto that has Rice Pudding on the dessert menu???
I'm looking for the downtown or uptown-annex area, actual Toronto (not Etobicoke or North York, etc.)

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  1. The MARS at Bathurst and College one of the old time favourites...Fran's also made good Rice Pudding but not sure if the present location on Victoria has it or even if the older Fran's on College, west of Yonge still makes it....
    The "MARS" rice pudding is truly a favourite with many people... it is a 'legend' in its own right.

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      1. I may be mistaken, but I think you can get it at a lot of Greek restaurants.

        1. Greek Rice Pudding is my all time favorite!!!!! You can also find it to go in most Greek Bakeries. I know Serano's on Pape has it, and also Select on Donlands at O'connor. In case you are wondering what the difference is, I find it creamier, and not quite as much rice

          1. We had rice pudding at Milagro during Winterlicious. I love rice pudding and it was pretty good. I'm not sure if it's usually on the menu.

            1. Most Portuguese bakeries also carry it. Try Nova Era on College.

              1. Not on a menu but the rice pudding sold at Summerhill Market (with or without raisins) is amazing...it's a sometime guilty pleasure for me!

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                  Just saw it on the menu at Rodney's Oyster House. I had the Bananas Foster, which was outstanding and lasted about 30 seconds.
                  Of course, most Indian restaurants have it too...

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                    I love rice pudding. The cardamom/almond/pistachio/rose combo in kheer is so nice and delicate. I also like the sticky rice puddings you get in SE Asian cuisine -- sticky black/red rice with coconut milk... so good.

                2. Canoe had a rice pudding on the menu for years. Not sure about now. It's been about a year since my last visit.

                  1. Was at Lee the other night and saw rice pudding on the menu. It's not your regular rice pudding though. I forget the description...maybe black sesame...and some other stuff with it too. I remember thinking it could be tastey. You'll have to check out their menu.