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Jun 5, 2008 02:02 PM

[DFW] Best Bakery for Bread [DFW]

I am looking for a bakery that has awesome bread. On a recent trip to Tulsa I found Farrell Family Organic Bread and loved all of their products. Does anyone know of a goof organic bakery in Dallas besides Good Harvest which is a franchise/chain. Also I would prefer not to go to Central Market (I have to make it challenging somehow).

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  1. there's a lady that does bread at the Farmer's Market in Balch Springs (at least I think she's still there) that I seem to remember being organic. I can't say I loved the bread though, it was too dense and not quite delicious I guess, not that it was bad. But not as good as say what I can get at Voila. Can't think of anywhere else that sells local organic bread though.

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      you must be reffering to Jeani who delivers her special ordered breads to Eden's Organic garden Center in Balch Springs. Her current pricing and contact information is as follows:

      Irish Wheat Bread, 1-1/2# loaf $8.00
      Buttermilk White Bread, 1-1/2# loaf $8.00
      Italian Herb Wheat Bread, 1-1/2# loaf $8.00
      Dilled Wheat Bread, 1-1/2# loaf $8.00
      Italian Herb White Bread, 1-1/2# loaf $8.00

      Artisanal Wheat, 2# hand formed, topped $10.00
      Four Grain Wheat, 1-1/2# loaf style $10.00
      Artisanal Italian, 2# hand formed, topped $10.00
      Artisanal Italian Baguettes, 1# hand formed $7.00 each
      Select from: Roasted Spring Onion
      Sundried Tomato & Roasted Garlic
      Cheddar Dill

      Sweet Loaves $7.00/ 1# Try Cranberry Pecan or Simply Cinnamon Bread

      E-mail orders to mamajeani at yahoo dot com

      I feel the same way as you about her breads being heavy. I am looking for something that is organic, hearty but without being a brick, and very flavorful (i.e. lots of different grains, herbs, cheese or fruit inbedded)