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Jun 5, 2008 02:00 PM

2 meals: East 49th & Lex (Marriott ES)

I'll be staying at the Marriott East Side, at Lexington and East 49th, for one night -- I'm looking for a dinner (Monday) and a lunch (Tuesday) suggestion.

For dinner on Monday, I'd like something fun, upbeat, under $30 for entrees, within 10 minutes walking of the Marriott. I love small plates and meals made of appetizers. Pera has some meze and wine specials that look interesting - is it recommended?

For lunch, I have a meeting at the Marriott ES that goes until 11am, and a 2pm flight out of JFK (getting there via cab). Do I have any chance of getting a quick lunch, or should I eat at the airport? I was thinking of Pampano Taqueria, or maybe a deli if there's one nearby?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. For a quick lunch, try Our Evergreen Shanghai restaurant on 2nd ave btw 48 and 49 for extremely delicious Chinese food. The vegetable dumplings are amazing. And it is very popular with Chinese tour groups, so I'm guessing that means its "authentic".

    1. Mama Mexico would be great for dinner on Monday

      1. I was going to suggest Pampano (the restaurant) for dinner on Monday night. I've never had tacos from the taqueria, but I'm sure they are good.

        There are tons of lunch options in the area, all of which will be better than the food at JFK. For sandwiches and salads that are a bit higher end, there's Starwich in the Citicorp bldg on 53rd and Lex.

        1. I stay at the Benjamin often which is very close to Marriott. One restaurant I reccomend which is close by is Lever House. I like the chic aptmosphere, and the food is excellent. You can check out the menu to see if it in your price range, but I believe only a couple of entrees were over 30. There are many good steakhouses in the area that would push your price range. If you want something very upbeat, TAO is nearby although it does not get quite the celebrity crowd it used to get now that the Meatpacking district has several hot newer asian restaurants. You may want to consider taking a cab to Soho, W Village, Chelsea or Meatpacking district for the more upbeat scene. Lunch at Django is good in that area as well although it is not quick. Django is also a good happy hour place. Traffic to JFK mid-afternoon is pretty bad so leave yourself plenty of time.