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Jun 5, 2008 01:57 PM

Massachusetts: Sales tax on wine?

I don't recall ever paying sales tax on wine I've purchased at a liquor store in Massachusetts (and I'm no stranger to buying wine). But we are holding the winning bid on some wine offered in the WGBH auction (our PBS affiliate in Boston), and they are charging us 5% sales tax. I find conflicting information on the Mass Dept of Revenue site. WGBH simply tells us wine is taxable in Massachusetts. Can anybody from Mass shed some light on this?

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  1. The tax is paid at the distributor level, not the retail or consumer level. Tell them to pound sand. I am in the business and WGBH is wrong on this one, I am not guessing

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      Thanks Winer - sand has been pounded. They finally did agree with us this morning and the tax (already charged to our credit card) will be refunded. But we can't be the first or only people to have this happen, the WGBH wine auction has been going on for years. Maybe this was a fluke but I do wonder....

    2. I second winer- I buy wine all the time for work. It is not taxable at the consumer level.