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Jun 5, 2008 01:47 PM

Dinner between Cape Cod and Westchester

We are driving down from Cape Cod to Westchester county on Monday night and we were wondering if there are any must-eats for dinner along the way. Preferably somewhere within 2 hours of Westchester so I guess it would have to be along the CT coast. No preference for type of food - perhaps some simple, comfort food to end our trip. Thanks!

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  1. I suggest Frank pepes pizza it is not too far off the highway. I know some of the posters prefer other pizza and pepes original location but i went on a recent visit to Ct. and was very pleased....

    1. Lucianos in Wrentham if you are going that far, and you can and then hit the outlet mall too. Best restaurant in MA, I think Tom Brady's favorite place too