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Jun 5, 2008 01:28 PM

Blue Smoke coming to Greenwich?

I heard that Blue Smoke is planning to open in Greenwich. Supposedly, they are planning to move into the space that was occupied by the Howard Johnson in Riverside, along with a new hotel operated by the same group that operates the Delamar Greenwich Harbor hotel. Has anyone else heard this?

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      1. According to last week's NY Times Food section, it will be Blue Smoke Chophouse... I guess a steak house variation. Seems Surprising. Based on Danny Meyer's comments in his book, opening a restaurant in Greenwich seems out of his desired Geographic range. Maybe he is only lending his name and won't be operating the restaurant.

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          1. re: steve h.

            This is not a knock, but there is a time limit to whatever restaurant owners and chefs say in the food service business...

          2. re: frequentdiner

            bummer. I don't care about a steakhouse. I'd like a real BBQ place here in Fairfield County. But, being Greenwich, of course, they've apparently opted to move up the price ladder to steakhouse instead. Ugh.

            1. re: frequentdiner

              There is no way Danny Meyer would lend his name to a restaurant he was not going to be operationg

            2. Doe any know the status of of this. I thought it was supposed to open in 2009

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              1. re: foodrink

                I spoke with Michael Romano from Union Square Cafe recently and he said the P&Z process has been a nightmare, the chef for Blue Smoke Greenwich is hired, but working in some of their other restaurants until things get moving. The equipment (stoves, smokers) is purchased. They are very frustrated with they way it is progressing and they are now 4 months behind the planned opening date.

                I got the feeling from the conversation that their patience has a limit.

                1. re: tito

                  Blue Smoke's food sucks anyway. Best part about it sadly enough is the sink outside the restrooms

                  1. re: cubanat

                    The burgers at Blue Smoke are very good. They're the prototype for Shake Shack.

                    1. re: cubanat

                      you're nuts if you think the food at blue smoke sucks. the texas beef ribs are very good, the mac&cheese is some of the best i've ever had, the burger is fantastic and the fried chicken is second to none. not sure when you last ate there but to say the food at blue smoke sucks is ridiculous.

                2. I heard Danny Myers peeps gave up as the renovations were taking too long! ! It's a shame ... I was looking forward to Blue Smoke coming to my neck of the woods! C'est la vie

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                  1. re: grnichcnobb

                    The burgers at shake shack are vastly superior to blue smokes IMO due to the thickness of the patty and the bun. and Jon all I'm saying is that compared to all of the other danny meyer restaurants the taste of the food at blue smoke sucks. We can agree to disagree but the q from Daisy May's is way better. The hog pits fried chiocken & mac & cheese is even better than blue smokes. The service is better at blue smoke but when it comes to q who cares that the waitress is pleasant?? Give me food that tastes great on a paper plate and sweet tea in a plastic cup.