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Jun 5, 2008 01:20 PM

Any feedback about Smokin' Al's in Bayshore, LI?

I'm taking my husband out for his birthday and he wants barbeque. I heard Smokin' Al's in Bayshore is good. The latest review I have seen was from 2004 and it was pretty positive but doesn't have good things to say about the service or consistency of quality, despite some very good food. Has it improved?

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  1. We ate there a few weeks ago and the food and prices were good. I had the barbecued beef ribs and really liked them. The sides were good and the atmosphere was OK. We went during the week at about 5PM. By the time we left it was quite busy. I would not like to try to get a table there on a Saturday night. My thought is to try it at an off time.

    1. I think it's pretty good, though I think they oversauce thing. You might consider asking for things dry and add sauce from the bottles on the table.

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        Thats what I did when I was there. I find that too much sauce is a problem in many barbecue restaurants, so I order ribs dry and usually dip in sauce on the side.

      2. I ate there during Bay Shore restaurant week, while they were running specials, so they were mobbed, even on a weekday night (we waited over a half hour at 7pm). The food was great--plenty of smoke--and while I like the sauce, there is a lot of it (at least on the ribs), so you might want to order it dry. The spicy sauce is especially good.

        The service was great, even though it was very crowded, and, while they don't have tap beer, they do serve bottles from the Blue Point brewery "down the block." Good stuff.

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          Blue Point "down the block"? If that was Smokin' Al's description: hah. I've been to BPB and it's more than a bit of a drive from Bay Shore.

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            i really love smokin al's, all three ribs are great, soft, juicy, very large, cant find better ribs -do it

            in the process of opening a place in massapequa park